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Royal Partners – is one of the top direct advertisers in the gambling vertical. The affiliate program boasts having the highest traffic-attracting parameters in the gambling industry.
As of 2024, the affiliate program includes over 500 experienced webmasters, with the latter attracting over 1,000 leads daily.
Partners leave a lot of reviews about royalpartners. According to them, this affiliate program, which offers ad services in the gambling vertical, has the highest payout rates and universal ad tools.
There’s lots of reasons to launch your cooperation with the Royal Partners affiliate program. Let’s go over the main ones.
1. Individual offers and cooperation terms for partners, payout bumps, personal recommendations, optimized ads;
2. The advertiser offers its partners a system made up of several levels, aimed at retaining or re-attracting registered users, which helps scale the webmaster’s profits. The system provides for personalized emails offering bonuses or access to promotions;
3. Website Royal Partners adds to the partner’s profile ad materials, banners and landing adapted for their GEOs and traffic sources;
4. Affiliate program partners have access to a professional support service. Each partner, regardless of cooperation model, can expect to always be supported by a personal manager;
5. Should a partner working via the Revshare model go into the red, they won’t owe the program anything;
6. Traffic from multiple countries is accepted, for example, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Germany, India, Canada, Australia, Finland;
7. Earnings are all credited and paid out on time.
The Royal Partners affiliate program offers comfortable cooperation conditions for partners, increasing their profit levels.

How to Get Started

Registration – the first but not the last step to joining royal partners casino affiliate. Let’s go over in detail the registration process and how to get started.
1. You need to sign in on the main page of the Royal Partners official website. In the top right corner, click Join;
2. In the registration form, fill in your email, name, company, address "country", and come up with a secure password;
3. Carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program;
4. Click Sign up to confirm your registration.
After completing the registration, you need to wait for a manager to check your info. You’ll then get an email with additional questions and to connect to one of the cooperation models.

Creating a New Campaign

After activating their account, the partner gains access to all offers, tools and the Royal Partners affiliate program advantages. We recommend you approach this stage with the utmost seriousness, since that will ensure maximum profit from your partnership with royal partners casino affiliate. Here’s a detailed guide on creating a campaign in the affiliate program.
● In your account settings, go to the Campaigns section. In the top right corner, click Create New Campaign;
● Enter a name for the campaign. From the drop-down list, choose an online casino. It can be ROX, FRESH, SOL or JET;
● Select the cooperation model you picked when registering. Click Next;
● On the official Royal Partners website you can select any of the available target audience categories. General, which includes all users. Or the player-only category;
● Set up the suppartnership feature, which lets you create affiliate links;
● Check out the advertiser's casino landing pages, pick one;
● After setting all this up, pick out some promo material. You can use a direct link or pick any of the ready-made options in your account;
● Once the campaign creation form is filled out, click Ready.
You can edit campaigns in your profile at any time as long as you’re a partner. You can also check statistics in the List of Campaigns section.

Royal Partners Commssions

Partners are offered a choice of 3 payout models: CPA, RevShare, Hybrid.
● RevShare – a partner’s earnings are paid every 5th of the next month. 60% of the income the casino makes off their traffic goes to the partner;
● CPA – the partner gets up to $100 at the start of every week.
● Hybrid – incorporates both payout models. Daily you get a fixed cost per action(CPA) payment for each player you attract that also makes a deposit. And at the beginning of each month you also get a revenue share. Partners that pick the hybrid model are offered individual cooperation terms. Regardless of which option you end up choosing, there won’t be any issue relating to payouts and withdrawing your earnings.

Brands by Royal Partners

The Royal Partners affiliate program is a direct advertiser of FRESH, ROX, SOL, IZZI, VOLNA, LEGZO, DRIP, STARDA, JET, with each brand possessing a Curacao license. Each online platform offers a range of about 5,000 games and slots from 65 licensed developers. Generous bonus and promotional incentives from royalpartners are designed to increase player interest in the brand. Betting verical fans can also visit the Royal Partners website and have a good time there.

Withdrawal Process and Detail

At Royal Partners casino affiliate, the size and time of the payouts depends on which partnership model you select. Things you should know about withdrawing funds at royalpartners?
● The CPA model has a hold of 7 days. This time is needed to assess the traffic the partner attracted;
● Only a personal manager can enter or change information about the affiliate’s current account in their profile;
● Picking the Revshare model lets you withdraw from $14. There’s no limit on the traffic you attract via this model. There’s no hold. While the CPA model requires you to make at least 10 deposits before you can withdraw your earnings.
When selecting an affiliate program, check which payment systems are available for withdrawing your profits. Royal Partners casino affiliate members have no trouble securing their earnings. There’s several ways to do that:
1. WebMoney;
2. Crypto wallets – bitcoin, tether;
3. Online services;
4. Online banking;
5. E-wallet – Skrill;
6. Bank transfer.
Before making a fund withdrawal request at royal partners gambling, go to the official website to check how long a transaction via the selected method will take, since the exact time varies from option to option

Terms and Conditions

Before you start working with Royal Partners, make sure you’ve studied the rules. The rules tab can be found on the official royal partners website. Studying the Royal Partners partnership rules and terms will help avoid mistakes that can damage the webmaster’s income or lead to their account getting banned altogether. Here are the most important rules.
● Only a legal adult can become a Royal Partners affiliate and only after they read and agree to the program terms;
● The affiliate program reserves the right to change the terms and conditions unilaterally, without notifying its partners of the changes. It is the partner's responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules;
● Royal Partners may request the partner to provide info regarding the traffic sources they use. You can refuse to provide this data, but doing so will give the affiliate program the right to terminate your partnership.
● Users with multiple accounts registered under their name won’t count towards your total CPA income. If a partner’s traffic is made up of a large number of such users, Royal Partners will block the former’s access to their account;
● The partner is responsible for the tools they use to attract traffic;
● When using advertising materials to attract traffic, the partner must comply with the laws of the country they operate in;
● Affiliates must not do anything that can complicate or adversely affect the work of Royal Partners.
Partners who comply with the cooperation terms won’t encounter any profit cuts or profile bans.


What payout models do Royal Partners offer?
The affiliate program offers its partners three options to choose from: Revshare, CPA, Hybrid.
What tools can I use to attract traffic?
To attract traffic, partners are allowed to use banners, individual affiliate links, email ads, bonuses and promo codes. The main condition of using ad tools is that the webmaster refrains from breaking the laws of the country they are operating in.
Can I withdraw my profits using crypto? You can, the Royal Partners website lets partners withdraw funds to their crypto wallets, with 2 options available bitcoin and tether.
How long does a fund withdrawal request take?
The time it takes to process a fund withdrawal transaction depends on the payment system you selected. Before filling out a request, check how much time it will take. The information is available on the website.
What are the advantages of the Hybrid model?
You get paid weekly, both via CPA per lead and via Revshare as a cut of the casino’s profits.
How do I become a Royal Partners partner?
To become a partner, you need to complete the registration procedure, wait for the moderators to check and verify your info and fill out and activate your profile with the help of your newly appointed personal manager.
Can I become a partner if I’m underaged?
You can’t, only legal adults are able to register with Royal Partners.
How long does the registration process take?
The registration process takes no more than 10 minutes. Moderators then check and activate the account, which takes a little longer.
Can a partner refuse to verify their traffic sources?
Should the partner refuse to verify their traffic sources, the affiliate program reserves the right to terminate the partnership.
Are partners notified when the terms change?
Royal Partners reserve the right not to notify partners of changes to their terms of partnership. The partner is entirely responsible for staying up to date on the current edition of the terms.


Royal Partners – is an advertiser that cooperates with licensed online casinos. Signing up with Royal Partners gives you access to all the affiliate program’s features. Affiliates can use their profile to track detailed traffic statistics, registered players, made deposits, and use lots of filters to make the process more convenient. At Royal Partners, partners can contact professional tech support. Affiliates also get assigned a personal manager to help guide them in performing their duties.

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CPA is a commission model wherein a partner is paid a fixed amount every time a qualified player is attracted.
RevShare is a commission model wherein a partner is paid a percentage of the revenue generated from the attracted qualified players.
Hybrid is a commission model wherein CPA and RevShare models are combined.
LEX is the latest iGaming venture from Royal Partners, designed specifically for VIP users. By gathering essential feedback from high-stakes players, we've created a platform tailored for big bets and substantial winnings. LEX is highly attractive for high rollers, ensuring elevated player retention and engagement.
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Starda combines ease and innovation in the iGaming industry. With AI-driven email newsletters, a wide range of bonuses, and a VIP club for active users, Starda provides a modern and seamless platform that attracts and retains players through advanced technology and generous incentives.
Fresh offers simplified usability with theme personalization options, huge bonus incentives, and access to over 40 sports disciplines for betting. The versatile platform attracts a broad audience and maintains high levels of player engagement.
JET features a convenient, futuristic interface with numerous game categories, current promos, and a built-in sports betting platform. With 24-hour support available, JET ensures a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, making it an excellent choice for targeting diverse gaming interests.
SOL supports ten languages, allowing multiple GEOs to be targeted simultaneously. With a regularly updated games catalogue and access to live sports event broadcasts, SOL provides a rich and varied gaming experience that appeals to a wide range of players.
IZZI provides a diverse range of entertainment from well-known providers. With a VIP club for active players and opportunities to bet on various sports disciplines, IZZI attracts both new and experienced users seeking a rich gaming experience. The platform’s wide appeal and strong retention strategies make it highly effective.
Legzo presents a high-tech gaming meta-universe with live chat for user communication and the option to change currencies within the profile. Featuring a wide selection of slots, table games, live games, and a comprehensive betting platform with multiple eSports disciplines, Legzo offers an attractive and engaging platform for driving traffic.
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