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Drive traffic with Royal Partners

Choose a commission model and earn with us.
Table of content

1. Available GEOs

Licence: Curaçao
Royal partners unavailable GEOs image

2. Unavailable GEOs

(all projects)
American Samoa, Aruba, Afghanistan, Belarus, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, the United Kingdom, Virgin Islands (US), US Minor Outlying Islands, Guadeloupe, Greenland, Guam, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Spain, Italy, Yemen, Cyprus, North Korea, Côte d’Ivoire, Curaçao, Mayotte, Macau, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Réunion, Saint-Martin (France), Syria, Slovakia, the USA, France, French Guiana, Ethiopia.

3. Available commission models

RevShare is a commission model wherein a partner is paid a percentage of the revenue generated from the attracted qualified players.
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CPA is a commission model wherein a partner is paid a fixed amount every time a qualified player is attracted. The rates depend on GEOs, traffic sources and previous performance.
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Hybrid is a commission model wherein CPA and RevShare models are combined.
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Royal partners prohibited traffic image

4. Prohibited Traffic

  • Misleading or fake ads (deliberately deceptive information about casino, its bonuses etc.).

  • Fraud (multiple accounts, abnormally high percentage of bonus hunters etc.).

  • Brand traffic of any kind (contextual ads, SEO).

  • Incentive traffic. Includes any traffic attracted by “beat/cheat the casino” schemes.

  • Traffic from fake social accounts of our projects or those that associate with the official ones (usage of logos, official branding, addressing on behalf of the casino etc.).

  • Personal Telegram, Instagram or TikTok accounts.

  • Low quality traffic (high percentage of players that don’t come back after CPA's qualification).

  • High percentage of duplicate accounts (more than 15%).

In case of fraud or driving prohibited traffic, Affiliate Program terminates a CPA agreement immediately and reserves the right to freeze Partner's balance for an indefinite period of time until the situation is clear.
In case of a decline in traffic quality, Affiliate Program informs Partner in written form and then makes a decision about either termination of the cooperation or optimization of the traffic flows. Moreover, there may be a mutual decision to continue the cooperation with new qualification terms or with a baseline. The notification must be made at least 2 days before the termination of a CPA agreement or changes in the cooperation terms. In order to avoid serious financial losses of both Parties, payouts for new FDs attracted after the CPA agreement termination may be recalculated in accordance with the RevShare commission model.
The given condition is applied even if Partner doesn’t respond to notifications about changes in the agreement.
While working with the Hybrid model, if the cooperation is terminated due to a decline in traffic quality, payouts of the RevShare part is guaranteed.
Both CPA and Hybrid models may be deactivated by Affiliate Program, if any of them brings negative profit to the casinos or to Affiliate Program during multiple reporting periods. Furthermore, from the moment of the termination the players driven with the terms for the CPA model cannot be taken into account in Partner's reward.
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5. Traffic's Requirements

The total volume of duplicates and self-exclusions doesn’t exceed 10%.
The average amount of deposits by players should be at least 1,5.
Royal partners payment terms image

6. Payment Terms

6.1. Revenue Share

  • Payment is based on the commission rate you’ve agreed on. The traffic’s detailed performance can be found within the personal account.

  • Bills’ calculations are done automatically, and a payment is issued within 10 working days after the reporting period.

  • In order to receive an invoice payment, you should agree on the terms with the affiliate manager and submit it to the payer’s company. The minimum amount eligible for an invoice are 100 EUR, for BTC and Skrill the amount are 20 EUR. If it falls below the minimum, no payment will be made. The amount can be accumulated across multiple reporting periods.

  • Any fraudulent activity discovered will result in the account’s suspension and investigation for an indefinite period of time. Partner’s (or relative’s) playing activities as a part of the cooperation is considered as fraud.

  • Any disagreements on the interpretation of the agreement will be settled by the casino and Affiliate Program.

6.2. CPA & Hybrid

  • Payments are made on a monthly basis.

  • If Partner fails to attract 5 FDs or more, their payment can be frozen until they do.

  • Neither fraudulent nor forbidden traffic will be paid for.

  • Affiliate Program has the right to extend the hold period or reject some of the conversions at the sole discretion.

  • Overcaps of more than 10 FDs will not be paid for.

  • Future terms and conditions like traffic sources, caps and rates are discussed after conducting the tests and analyzing the outcomes. Overcaps may not be eligible to be paid for, even with a decent quality.

  • Web-View applications must have uninterrupted server availability guaranteed by Partner. Players referred to the brands must be able to access the websites via the applications even if they get suspended.

  • Applications must support both landscape and portrait orientation and grant access to the file system inside the application for uploading media files to the casino’s website and a “Back” button for Android. Each application is subject to performance checks before the integration. Partner must provide Play Market and/or App Store links as well as deeplinks.

  • Either party can request changes to the agreement terms within 14 days’ notice before the start of a new month.

The payout is made after the assessment procedure.
If the assessment is negative, further cooperation with Partner will be terminated.
In case of the termination of the cooperation, there may be 2 possible outcomes.

  • All the FDs are eligible to be paid for until the moment of the termination. Players which signed up after the moment of the termination are not eligible to be paid for.

  • In case of fraud or prohibited traffic, all the FDs are not eligible to be paid for

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